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 Sociedad Protectora y Compasiva por los Animales de Puerto Vallarta (Protective and Compassionate Society for the Animals of Puerto Vallarta)

Founded in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico, in 2007 by a long term resident originally from California, Janice Chatterton.

We opened our  sanctuary in January of 2012 on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta.  We are a no-kill shelter and can house up to 130 animals at once.  We rescue and find permanent homes for over 200 animals each year.

Our main focus is to rescue the abused, homeless animals from Puerto Vallarta’s streets and place them in foster homes in both the United States and Canada until permanent homes are available.  We are not supported by the government, corporations, foundations or businesses. We fully function on private donations.  Animals are often found living on the streets after being discarded and/or extremely abused.  We devote ourselves to their physical and emotional rehabilitation and invite everyone to come and interact with the animals at our private shelter on our weekly escorted tours.

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Spend the DAY at the SPCA Ordinary people come to Vallarta to vacation. Extraordinary people come to Vallarta and volunteer! Spend a rewarding afternoon cuddling with the animals at Puerto Vallarta’s SPCA Sanctuary. Our dogs and cats are awaiting “forever homes,” and your help is needed to jump start their socialization. The goal is to get these animals adjusted and ready to interact in the real world. The majority of the SPCA animals either come from extremely abusive situations or they have been abandoned. Your love and attention can make up for that lost time. During your visit, you can interact with the animals and even take a dog (or two or three) for a walk. You can also play with the animals, assist the vet or help with dinner time. There are so many positive benefits when you decide to volunteer. No matter the amount of time and effort you share, it’s always returned to you in multiple ways. Enjoy the satisfaction of helping others, increased self-esteem, lower blood pressure and meeting new people. If you have children, this is a great opportunity to teach them how to work with animals, respect others and give back to the community. Volunteering builds a child’s confidence, brings them a sense of achievement and offers a unique experience in another country making for the best “What I did on My Mexican Vacation” report. Create lifelong memories by sharing just a few hours of your time with the dogs and cats of the SPCA. Your act of kindness will mean the world to these lovable, furry creatures. So, you’re ready to get involved? Every Tuesday and Thursday during winter season (Note: days subject to change) we get a group of people together and we travel to our SPCA Sanctuary.
Please contact Tina at spcapv@gmail.com to make a reservation. Pack your bag for an amazing afternoon at the SPCA! Please bring water, a sack lunch and any treats you might enjoy during your visit. Sharing food with the animals is prohibited, but our vet and Sanctuary staff might enjoy an extra treat! We encourage you to bring your camera. Take as many photos as you’d like, and share them with us and your social media community. Your photos and videos can help these dogs and cats find their forever homes with people who will treat them with the love and care they deserve. Want to make a donation? The SPCA Sanctuary runs strictly on donations, and our animals are in great need of the following items: towels, leashes, collars, dog and cat toys, animal beds, carriers and sweaters. If you cannot deliver the items to the Sanctuary, please contact us and we will schedule a drop off.
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Spend the DAY at the SPCA Ordinary people come to Vallarta to vacation. Extraordinary people come to Vallarta and volunteer! Spend a rewarding afternoon cuddling with the animals at Puerto Vallarta’...

14 hours ago

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Anna RomigCan't wait to come to the tour!!!1   ·  3 months ago

Charlaina ScondoThis is such a great opportunity! I want to come to PV!!1   ·  3 months ago

Carole Conway ThomBe there soon!1   ·  2 months ago

Monica Costello PetrucelaKelly Puffer???!!!!1   ·  2 months ago

Antje CrawfordOn which days are you offering tours in March? We will be there on the 15th through the 29th. What can we bring?1   ·  2 months ago

Parsla Pudwellgreat people!1   ·  2 months ago

Sue Steinhauerwell, look who got into the picture!2 months ago

Nina HennebryIt's a wonderful place with caring ,loving people ! Got our Benito there ! Thanks Janice and staff !2   ·  2 months ago

Julie ClarkSee you Tuesday!1   ·  2 months ago

Brenda KilburnSydney Kilburn2 months ago

Amy EllaTracy Forsythe Mom!! CAN WE VOLUNTEER WHEN WE GO DOWN!! I want all the aminals.2   ·  2 months ago

Taylor WellsSue Wells next time I come with you to PV we are doing this!!!2 months ago

Trish MooneyAmazing people!1 month ago

Tracy Kimberley CulverPage Haas1   ·  1 month ago

Marlene AltrowsRuth E Altrows Michael Altrows4 weeks ago

Genny SantanaHi I want to adopt a Puppy can you send me the adress o phone so I can make an appoiment, Thanks!!!!1   ·  4 weeks ago

Mickie JenkinsRose Jay4 weeks ago

Regina OrtizAlfonso Contreras ya quiero!3 weeks ago

Pamela RumseyLooking forward to coming next Thursday3 weeks ago

Maddy BarryAngie Barry2 weeks ago

Tami MadelineTrevor Ewert we are totally doing this next time we are in PV2 weeks ago

Leah HibbertEmailed you💕3 days ago

Leah HibbertBobbi-Jo Bargetzi We should do this!2 days ago

Katie CameronI live in Vallarta and emailed to inquire about volunteering longterm (every Saturday or an afternoon a week) with my young daughter who loves animals (and is a real rescuer at heart) and my teenage son. I never received a reply. (?!?) I know tourists can donate more but it is the next generation of Mexican children (seeing as we are here in Mexico) that need to be educated on animal care to better the situation in the longterm. I would think having dogs and puppies socialized around (well trained) youth and children would be very helpful. It was my daughter's idea (she was looking for ways to help animals without taking more into our home). Instead she sold lemonade to buy food for street dogs. A nice gesture but not my idea of an excellent educational/life experience. :-/13 hours ago

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Video screenshot

Monty is a handsome Collie boy, about 8 months old!
Looking for a home!
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14 hours ago

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Connie IronchildStorm Ironchild14 hours ago

Melissa RideoutAshley Burrough I love this guy!!14 hours ago

Roberto RodríguezEda Vieyra es un pimiento XD1   ·  14 hours ago

Hailey Helen AndersonLisa Muir14 hours ago

Morgan BillingsHailey Billings13 hours ago

Rebecca RockwellJay Rockwell look at this cutie!13 hours ago

Jason ConkinJill Conkin13 hours ago

Lynn BurySees cute...and is soo happy.13 hours ago

Carolina San MartinFelicidades Monty........12 hours ago

Lois AmberHandsome boy11 hours ago

Kristina WilcoxKim McCulloch ..... 😍8 hours ago

Nicole GriswoldPam Griswold8 hours ago

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Monty is one of these in-comprehensible cases..
He is such a lovely, handsome, playful Collie mix boy.
Little did that help him when his family abandoned him. They moved out and left the dog locked up in the old apartment for the landlord to find.. or not. They didn´t care.
Lucky for Monty someone did find him and alerted us and that´s how he got to us.

Monty is not yet a year old, very sweet and playful, 23 pounds.
We already fixed him and he is ready to be adopted and loved!

Email us for an application form!
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Monty is one of these in-comprehensible cases.. He is such a lovely, handsome, playful Collie mix boy. Little did that help him when his family abandoned him. They moved out and left the dog locked ...

15 hours ago

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Carolina San MartinGo Monty go......12 hours ago

Kyrsten AnneTyler10 hours ago

Leandrew DixonBarry Cooper1   ·  9 hours ago

Neil SechanIf he is still there in 3 weeks when we get back from Europe we would like him to meet our border collie mix Estrella and see how they get along.2 hours ago

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