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The Sanctuary….our cherished state of the art no-kill shelter opened in 2012 and was later expanded to its current size of 18,666 square feet and is situated on an acre of property located on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta.  The property runs parallel to the Rio Pitillal which provides our rescues with a cool place to play and learn how to swim when weather permits.  There are miles of unspoiled nature surrounding the shelter so that we can take our dogs for long walks and leash training.

The facility itself is spacious with individual “suites” which provide an interior area as well as an exterior area with grass.  Our dogs can retreat to their bed or enjoy a bit of sunlight on the grass.  There are 27 suites within the compound, both spacious for large and/or multiple dogs. There is a separate cattery for our feline rescues which also allows us to encourage socialization between the dogs and cats.  Our total capacity is 130 animals.

There is a very large enclosed exercise area for play, training and rehabilitation.  In the grass area we have a “jungle gym” for the dogs and more importantly we have a built in pool for hydrotherapy. We also have two smaller playground areas where animals can enjoy open air exercise and playing with toys.

We have a river path that was created by a group of volunteers that allows us to take the dogs on a lovely walk beside the river.

We have specialized areas designated as a nursery, intake, quarantine and critical care.  There is an examination room and surgery for our medical staff.

In addition to our medical staff, we have both volunteers and paid full and part-time staff assigned to specific residents.  These caretakers are responsible for bathing, walking and more importantly spending time cuddling the animals.  Most of our rescues have been physically and/or emotionally damaged and we have learned how important TLC is to their recovery and rehabilitation.

There are three separate laundry areas where the animals are groomed and bathed.  To enhance the animals’ environment, fans are strategically placed and calming music is piped throughout.

For our human visitors and staff, we have a reception area, break room and a separate apartment for a full-time caretaker.

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