Cat Loving Family    From GuanajuatoCuddling in Quarantine

Come and spend a rewarding afternoon cuddling the animals at Puerto Vallarta’s SPCA Sanctuary. Our dogs and cats are awaiting “forever homes” and your help is needed to jump start their socialization. The goal is to get these animals adjusted and ready to interact in the real world. The majority of the SPCA animals either come from extremely abusive situations or they have been abandoned. Your love and attention can make up for that sad history. During your visit, you can interact with the animals and even take a dog (or two or three) for a walk. You can also play with the animals, assist the vet or help with dinner time.

Are you ready to get involved? Pack your bag for an amazing afternoon at the SPCA! Please bring water, a sack lunch and any treats you might enjoy during your visit.   Sharing food with the animals is prohibited. We encourage you to bring your camera. Take as many photos as you like, and share them with us and your social media community. Your photos and videos can help these dogs and cats find their forever homes with people who will treat them with the love and care they deserve.

Our tour schedule varies depending on the time of the year and is subject to vehicle space.  Reservations are required and space is limited.  We ask everyone to meet in the Costco parking lot in the grassy area with large trees.  You can either caravan in your own vehicle or ride with us out to the sanctuary (reservations necessary).  Tours average 2 hours but can vary depending on sanctuary routine for the animals and tour guide scheduling. 

Please contact us at to make a reservation and inquire on departure day.

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