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As so often happens to visitors and residents here in Puerto Vallarta, you find a poor animal in need of rescue.  The first thing that usually happens is we are contacted for assistance.

We appreciate your desire to save a life.  It does take a community to accomplish our goal of rescuing the discarded, unloved and often abused dogs found here in town.  Anyone with a big heart can step up and make the decision to change the life of a pet or street dog.

Our sanctuary is a private facility in that we are not subsidized by any government agency.  We depend solely on donations and volunteers to function.  Unlike a dog pound in other locales, ours is a non-kill shelter and is not open to the public.  We require all new additions be kept in quarantine for at least three weeks.  During this observation period we can ensure the animals are free of any virus or bacterial disease that could expose the lives of our other residents.  We constantly have a waiting list for new admissions.

If you encounter an abused, abandoned dog or one simply living on the street and you want to help, there are a few things you can do.

We suggest you immediately take the animal to a veterinarian of your choice to be tested for diseases prevalent here in Puerto Vallarta including parvovirus, ehrlichia and moquillo (distemper), along with the normal testing and treatment for intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks, etc.

If you do not have a personal vet, we highly recommend Dr. Pena who is extremely dedicated and affordable.

Dr. Manuel Pena of Pets

224 0319

9-6 Monday to Saturday

Melchor Ocampo No 109-9, Colonia Diaz Ordaz

Dr. Pena’s office is located in the hotel zone next to the IMSS (Social Security Hospital) adjacent to Plaza Caracol.

Next, the animal should be sterilized.  If you cannot afford to pay the normal veterinary fees for sterilization you can check out the schedule at PEACE Animals and Colina Spay & Neuter.  PEACE provides mobile sterilization clinics in various colonias each week while Colina has a permanent clinic in Old Town.  Both organizations offer FREE services, although we suggest a donation be given to assist these great organizations.

Peace Animals

Check their website and Facebook page for future dates and locations of FREE sterilization clinics.  These clinics take place Wednesday through Saturday, doors opening at 9 am each day.

Colina Spay and Neuter Clinic

Colina is a free and “by donation” spay and neuter clinic for dogs and cats.  The clinics are located at 491 V. Carranza between Naranjo and Jacarandas, in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta (opposite Colin Meats). Open SUNDAYS only. Drop off at 8:00am (come earlier to ensure a spot!), pick up at 4.


Everyone should arrive early.  Animals are treated for parasites, ticks, fleas and mange, if present.  Cats and dogs must be 8 weeks or older.  No food or water after midnight the night before surgery.

Finally, if you cannot provide a home for the animal, we suggest you find an appropriate foster family or a responsible family who is willing to adopt the animal.  Utilize Mano a Mano, a local Spanish newspaper, to post a free ad; or talk to your neighbors, friends and local vets about the possibility of finding a new home, and be sure to use social media such as Facebook.

After the quarantine period, if you still require our assistance, please contact us at  Be sure to include photos of the animal as well as documentation confirming the above steps have been taken.

Thank you in advance for your efforts on behalf of the animals.  We wish you success in your endeavors.